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By using the website, you agree to use it for only lawful purposes and in a way which will not harm anyone else. SI Club Munechen-Schwabing I is happy for you to download information for your own use, but would not like you to put our information onto another website or to use the information you obtain for commercial gain.

If you download words or pictures, please make sure you acknowledge their source as SI Clubmuenchen-Schwabing will usually hold the copyright (unless indicated otherwise). If you download a picture or information where SI Clubmuenchen-Schwabing does not hold the copyright, please check with the copyright holder first for their permission.

We cherish the privacy of our members and would not welcome the storage or transmission of any information about a SI Club Munechen-Schwabing member to another person without their express permission.

The photos, logos, information, pictures and descriptions on our site are provided for the use of members. We do not accept any liability for damages however incurred if you use these facilities. Although we attempt to make sure our server and the contents of the site are free from bugs, viruses and errors, SI Club Munechen-Schwabing cannot accept responsibility for defects. SI Club Munechen-Schwabing does its utmost to ensure that our security software eliminates viruses, but we assume that those using our site use their own security system and we cannot therefore accept responsibility for any problems that arise.

When we show a link to another site, you must not assume that that site has our complete blessing. You must use your judgement to see that the linking site is honourable. If you find a problem, we would be grateful to be made aware of it as soon as possible.

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